Akash Ganga Trust

Rain Centre, Chennai

Fri Jun 09, 2023 04:06 AM

Rain Centre

The Rain Centre is a model house on RWH and also a place to learn about various designs, cost estimates and a list of contractors to implement RWH in independent houses, flat complexes, offices, factories, Institutions etc. The Centre, which is open to all, charges no fee for its services to the citizens thanks to the funds received by the Akash Ganga Trust through donations.

Features Inside Rain Centre
Poster panels on traditional harvesting, need for harvesting, step by step method and success stories
Working RWH models and screening of RWH films

Features outside (but inside the compound)
Rooftop harvesting in sump through first flush and sand filter and to loft tank for immediate use and to open well for recharging
Driveway (surface) runoff harvesting through gate gutter and recharge well

The centre has been involved in the following activities since its launch ten years ago.
Education: Creating awareness among various sections of the urban society about the importance of sustaining the groundwater source through rainwater harvesting (RWH).

This is carried out by means of poster panels put up in the centre, resource materials in the form of booklets and posters in English and Tamil and screening of video films on RWH – both traditional and modern.
Implementation: Helping the residents implement RWH within their premises, in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with trained plumbers and masons.

For this purpose, a group of plumbers and masons were trained in RWH system design and implementation. They were then deputed to visit the premises of individual residents who had requested the centre for help to implement RWH in their houses/flat complexes. These visits were carried out without any fee.
Evaluation/Research: Carrying out surveys and studies to assess the efficacy of Rainwater Harvesting.

In one of the surveys carried out in 2004 by the centre in a locality in Adyar, it was revealed that only fifty percent of the residents had implemented RWH reasonably well, though it had been made mandatory. Another survey done in January 2006 indicated that the groundwater levels in Chennai city had risen by a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 8 metres, thanks to both RWH and good monsoon rains that Chennai received during 2005.

The activities carried out by the centre, the benefits derived as a result are furnished under Activities. The current and future activities proposed to be taken up by the centre in the coming years is also given under Activities.