Akash Ganga Trust

Rain Centre, Chennai

Fri Jun 09, 2023 03:33 AM


Awareness about the need and relevance of RWH has increased among various sections of the urban society not only in Tamil Nadu, but also in a few other states because of our efforts over the last ten years.
Our Trust was instrumental in convincing the Tamil Nadu government to enact a law making RWH mandatory in both old and new buildings. Our state is the only one in the entire country to do so. The widespread implementation of RWH that followed led to a phenomenal rise in the groundwater levels by 6 metres (in some areas 8 metres) in the entire city of Chennai and has almost remained so for the last seven years. This can be attributed partly to our initiative

The Sri Lankan government also got influenced by the activities carried out by the Rain Centre and the state of Tamil Nadu that they set up a Rain Centre in Colombo and also made RWH compulsory for all new buildings
Our Rain Centre has become so popular that students and RWH activists from a few other countries have visited the centre to learn about our activities. The Director of the centre was also invited to Sri Lanka and Japan to share his experiences in popularizing RWH in urban areas.

The resource persons, whom our Trust had trained, have been able to implement RWH in a few hundred premises in a scientific manner.
Our Trust is one of the very few to work in urban areas on issues related to water and that too in a sustained manner for the past ten years.
Our Trust is also one of the very few in this country to popularize Ecological Sanitation as the only sustainable solution to sanitation.