Akash Ganga Trust

Rain Centre, Chennai

Tue Mar 28, 2023 10:08 AM

Booklets & Posters

How-to guide to installing RWH systems: All you wanted to know on how to design and install a rainwater harvesting system is in this book. It is a large document and hence has been split into two parts.

Rainwater Harvesting Primer - I
Rainwater Harvesting Primer - II
Rainwater Harvesting - 1
Rainwater Harvesting Flow chart

Posters to publicize rainwater harvesting:
Basics of Rainwater Harvesting Poster - English version
Rainwater Harvesting Projects completed in Urban Areas - English
Rainwater Harvesting Projects completed in Rural Areas - English
Rainwater Harvesting Poster - Tamil version

Ecological Sanitation:
Booklet on Ecological Sanitation in Tamil (pdf document)
Write up on Ecological Sanitation in English (MS Word)
Ecological Sanitation Note with photo
Ecological Sanitation Composting Toilets

A book titled "Ery Systems of South India – Traditional Water Harvesting"has been published by our trust. Price Rs. 100/-. Copies can be obtained from us.