Akash Ganga Trust

Rain Centre, Chennai

Fri Jun 09, 2023 04:39 AM


Sekhar Raghavan
First Trustee

Sekhar Raghavan holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from The University of Madras (1976). He was with the Centre for Policy Studies, a socio-economic Research Institute, as a Research Fellow during 1992-2002. It was during this period that he got an opportunity to visit some of the rural areas and learn about the traditional water harvesting systems. In 1995, he initiated a door-to-door campaign in Chennai city to create awareness, among the residents, of the importance of rainwater harvesting. Since 2002, he has been the Director of Rain Centre in Chennai. Since 2005, he has also been sensitizing the residents living in peri-urban and rural of the importance of Ecological Sanitation. He was selected an Ashoka Fellow in 2003 by the Ashoka Innovators for the public, U.S.A. and was selected for the Harmony Silver Award in 2010 by the Harmony for Silvers Foundation, Mumbai.

First Trustee

N R Sudarshan is a graduate in English Literature and works as at Senior Management position with one of the India's Largest Registrar and Transfer Agent, servicing Indian Mutual Funds.
Sudarshan is from a background of farming family. His forefathers used to be farmers and the importance of water and its conservation was in his blood. He also became seriously interested as he grew up to educate the urban population about the need for Rain Water Harvesting, which is the only possible way for land locked cities. He also undertook to educate school going children as part of Land Mark Education Community Projects.
Obviously, he got drifted towards the like minded people and was one of the oldest members of the AGT and was very keen in participating, organizing and evangelizing the RWH Mission. He also got RWH implemented in his office premises in Saidapet, as a model of possibility.


J.Saravanan is a post graduate in Applied Geology with specialisation in the field of Hydrogeology. He has more than 19 years of experience in Water Resources Assessment Development and Management. He has conducted integrated Hydrogeological and Geophysical surveys for water resources assessment and development with the application of remote sensing and GIS in both sedimentary and hard rock environs. He has wide knowledge on estimating groundwater resources as per the GEC, Govt. of India and conducted the same for Industries, Residential Townships etc., He was involved in preparing a background paper titled “Chennai Water Supply – Problems and Prospects” along with Dr.A.Vaidyanathan to assess the status of water supply system in Chennai city. He coordinated a detailed household survey conducted in about 1500 households in Chennai city to assess the per capaita water consumption, dependence of various sources by the households to meet the daily water needs and level of dependence, status of public water supply etc., He has designed and implemented Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Individual houses, Flat complexes, Industries and residential colonies.