Ecological Sanitation

What is Ecological Sanitation (ES)? A Comprehensive Guide

Ecological sanitation is a revolutionary approach to human waste management that involves composting human waste, urine, and faeces. The practice uses urine-diverting composting toilets, which are constructed above the ground, making them simple and easy to use.

Different Ways of Disposing of Human Waste

 Sanitation is a crucial aspect of human life and involves the safe disposal of human waste. There are six different ways of disposing of human waste, including open defecation, pit latrines, septic tanks, flush toilets with open drains, flush toilets connected to underground drainage systems, and ecological sanitation (ES).

Except for the first and last, the other four methods require water, generating sewage and shifting the problem from waste disposal to sewage disposal.

Why ES is the Ultimate Solution for Sanitation?

Ecological sanitation is the ultimate solution for safe and sustainable human waste disposal. It ensures that the food cycle is maintained, and water bodies remain uncontaminated, making it relevant everywhere, especially in habitations close to river banks and the sea.

How ES Toilets Work?

The ES toilets look like ordinary toilets from the outside, but there are twin squatting pans inside. One of the pans is used continuously until the vault beneath it is about three-quarters full of faeces, which typically takes about six months. The user urinates into the hole in the front and throws a cup of ash or sawdust into the chamber after each defecation.

After the first pit is three-quarters full, it is filled with soil or ash and closed, while the second chamber is put into use. The faeces in the first chamber will be partially composted before it is closed and will continue to compost as the second chamber is used. The faeces will be fully composted and safe to use after about one year.

Learn More About Ecological Sanitation

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