1. Booklet

Rainwater Harvesting Primer – I

Rainwater Harvesting Primer – II


2. Word Documents

Rainwater Harvesting – 1


Rainwater Harvesting Flow chart


3. PDFs

Rainwater harvesting – need, relevance and importance of groundwater recharge in urban areas with particular reference to coastal cities.

[(Authored by Sekhar Raghavan)][Downloadables][PDF]

Rainwater Harvesting in India with special reference to urban areas and the chennai experience.

[(Authored by Sekhar Raghavan)][Downloadables][PDF]

4. Posters

Tamil Poster: Basics of Rainwater Harvesting Poster – tamil version


Poster: Rainwater Harvesting Projects completed in Urban Areas – English


Poster: Rainwater Harvesting Projects completed in Rural Areas – English


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